Youngest Child Teaches Old Dogs New Tricks

Wooowa, is it full moon?! This weekend has been one of topsy-turvey role reversals, it’s amazing how time changes things.

Friday night I went to my family home as early Saturday I was booked for early morning open water swim training but it was cancelled so whilst I enjoyed my first lie in since I can remember Mum was the one rising early for a Pilates class. As the morning light shone behind the blinds of my childhood bedroom and my mum slammed the front door closed that’s when I took the above snap to enjoy the easing-in of the day.
Then my brother called me for some racing advice. He’s one of the people who got me into triathlons, as he races in his first duathlon tomorrow (an algae bloom has cancelled the swim element of the triathlon) he was asking me how to take on the run-bike-run format. Should he go easy on the first run then bust a gut? or keep it even? The advice from my coach which has worked time and again is to keep the splits as strong but even as possible with a push towards the end if you can muster the strength.
1st half 2nd half
To think, two years ago my brother took me out on his old mountain bike to get me road worthy. Previously, I had put the bike in the car and driven to nearby Richmond Park and stayed on the dirt tracks I was so scared of cars on the road. Today, I did the same ride of initiation for my mum. Think the smile means she’ll be out again.
2016-06-18 19.27.42
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