Halloween Costume Hacks

I used to ignore Halloween, it just seemed like an American over-hyped retailer driven occasion. Then I began hanging out with Americans whilst studying in Nanjing for my degree and utterly changed my mind. A group of international students arranged a party in a hostel near out local night club sold cheap booze with the entrance ticket and mandated costumes.

Fancy dress has always been a serious matter for me so I racked my brain for ideas but it was my friend Tom, now a talented make-up artist, who came up with the idea to go as a corpse’s bride. At the time I had no idea he was so good at make-up but it became an annual costume until I left uni. He does some really wild, and everyday,  stuff which you must check out more on his Instagram. We trekked to the biggest market in search of our costumes and were not disappointed. Only in China could I find stalls full of hideously tacky wedding dress. I actually later saw a girl wearing my exact dress for her wedding.

That Halloween night became infamous amongst us international students for fun and mess. I blame the home made sangria which turned out to be made with off wine. Apparently the organisers had gotten a wholesale deal on the alcohol but when they began mixing the popular Spanish tipple they discovered the reality yet had no time to rectify the dilemma with the supplier. The answer, no one complained, noticed or was made ill by it, was to add copious amounts of sugar. Everyone really went to town on their costumes: one friend went as a Chinese road, a couple as Miss Piggy and Kermit, simply survey the evidence.

Not sure what face I was trying to pull but here is Tom's wonderful make up.


Not sure what face I was trying to pull but here is Tom’s wonderful make up.

halloween4 halloween7

Last weekend I went to my first (early) Halloween party and kids were out trick or treating already so I thought I should share some of my favourite costume ideas with you in order for you to get prepping.

Pinterest and BuzzFeed are full of ideas, just take a look at this page for some cheap and easy ideas such as…

...a corpse, Morticia Adams, just creepy crawlies...

…a corpse, Morticia Adams, just creepy crawlies…

...or an identity thief.

…or an identity thief.

Or if you are super lazy there’s this option on Etsy, but I doubt you will be popular and will probably tricked a lot for it.


A uni friend is having a Halloween flat warming party with the theme ‘dead icons’. Over the years I have loved going as a corpse’s bride, being stopped in the street and night clubs to have my photo taken with strangers, but I never want to be a cliché of myself.

So what came from China?

So what came from China?

My new costume has been sourced from the two polar ends of the earth from the UK, China and the US. All the parts have arrived and I look forward to revealing it to you all on October 31st when Tom will once again be coming to my make-up aid.

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