4 Websites to Make Money from your Old Wardrobe

The state of fashion consumption today is a conveyor belt. You buy one or two enduring, and often more expensive, pieces which last around five years and adapt them to seasonal sartorial whims by buying in new ones with the change of weather. Unfortunately, few of us are blessed with a wardrobe or pocket the size of Alicia Silverstone’s in the in the iconic 90s teen flic ‘Clueless’ so regularly need to “edit” redundant pieces and find means to feed our insatiable fashion appetite. To help us there exist numerous apps and websites to pass our former treasures on to be discovered by others. In order to make the most loot to fund your dressing up chest here is a rundown of the easiest and most effective marketplaces to use.



The original reseller marketplace has been my most consistent business partner. I am continuously astounded by what “well loved” pieces I can shift on here; a mended teenager’s ski jacket, past seasons whims from my mum, ill thought of presents have all been miraculously rehomed here. Generally, higher value designer pieces either do not sell or do at much lower prices than I had hoped for. It appears eBay customers are looking for cheap deals and children’s items are particularly popular. eBay is one of the most lengthy websites in terms of listing items for sale as you go through a number of steps to list garment size, style, materials and photos, but the trade-off is that success rates are higher and faster. However, this means as a seller you have much greater control over how your items are sold, by auction (you can set a reserve bid) or set price, and as a buyer you have a very clear idea of what you are buying. Experience tells me listing items for 3-7 days, with sales ending from Saturday evening to Sunday evening gain more interest.

Pros: you can sell anything! Men’s, women’s or children’s wear are all sourceable and sellable; you control how items sell, quick money making possible.

Cons: lengthy listing process.


Whoever bought this fringed jacket from Natasha Ndlovu on Depop must be laughing.

Whoever bought this fringed jacket from Natasha Ndlovu on Depop must be laughing.

The app only marketplace is a domain best suited for small creative enterprises and kitchen table businesses. Unless you are a blogger or celebrity selling on your wardrobe you are unlikely to pass on your last year’s wardrobe favourites. Depopers are on the hunt for the next ‘It’ street label (not second hand castoffs) and if you desire getting your hands on unique casual wear then this is the place for you. In terms of usage it is super-friendly, from camera snap to post is easily completed in a minute. Depop is also a great means for gaining styling inspiration as many sellers curate selling images in the form of fashion magazine images so you may be interested in getting the app purely for this purpose. If you need to make a quick buck then this is not the place to sell as there is no time limit for a sale so you can find your posted apparel not shifting for months or not at all.

Pros: the wardrobe of celebrities and fashion bloggers could be yours (check out Dita Von Teese‘s and shopping blogger and model Natsha Ndlovu‘s shop, nab up-and-coming labels (I’m loving RIYKA London) before they’re big and overpriced, test a brand or company concept before quitting your job, ease of use.

Cons: items can take a while to shift, if at all.


Spice Girl Mel B wows in a green dress on Pose.

Spice Girl Mel B wows in a green dress on Pose.

The app and website marketplace beloved by (predominantly female but some metrosexual) bloggers needing to move previously reviewed items and their followers wanting to get their style. Items can only be sent to US addresses so best only used by Americans as a means for making money but is a great resource for fashion image curation and style advice by the rest of us. If you enjoy browsing idealistic, Instagram style images or if you get a buzz from indulging your more egotistical side (as the name suggests) then your will find hours of entertainment.

Pros: wardrobes from the fashion industry’s hot faces can be yours (Coco Rocha, Rachel Zoe, Louise Roe, Spice Girl Mel B are some top Posers), have fun and indulge in your egotistical side by curating photos.

Cons: purchases can only be sent to US addresses, castoffs will not sell.

Hardly Ever Worn It

September Vogue lauded Oriental fashion. This Dolce & Gabbana Silk Oriental Patterned Bustier and Skirt is £275.00 (original retail price £1,900.00!)

September Vogue lauded Oriental fashion. This Dolce & Gabbana Silk Oriental Patterned Bustier and Skirt is £275.00 (original retail price £1,900.00!)

Sellers include the likes of Sienna Miller and items proposed for sale are reviewed by the Hardly Ever Worn It team before being posted the website so you can get the gist of the quality of items, both brand and condition, on here. Only fashion greats such as Chanel and Dior are worth selling on here. I have only managed to sell one barely worn Anne Fontaine shirt on here. However, if you want to lay your hands on a near mint condition designer bag as you cannot/will not pay the RRP then sign yourself up. The downside to selling on here is that the website takes a commission fee and you have to set a sale price so you risk over pricing and not selling your item at all or sending it off for a song.

Pros: more likely to get a fair price for your best labels, get your hands on discounted uber-luxe brands in mint condition.

Cons: your wardrobe may not pass muster with either the website team or the buyer-seller community, the website charges commission.

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