How to Pack a Jacket

Some lucky people (not including me) in the UK are already with their feet up, drink in hand and set for a three day weekend. Others will be thanking their lucky stars the National Rail strike has been cancelled and in transit for a trip away. Part of hassle free jetting away comes with travelling with only small hand luggage, avoiding baggage carousels or fighting for space in the luggage rack.

A man who knew something about the art of travelling and hence packing was Sir Hardy Amies. With a home in New York, the Cotswolds and frequent sailing trips along the Californian coast with close friend William Haines, as well as travelling as personal dresser to HM Queen Elizabeth II Sir Hardy garnered some packing ideas which he passed to his shop team and translated into his clothes designs.

Guys and girls find many occasions for a jacket but how can your’s arrive crisp? Here is what the Hardy Amies team have to say on their ABC blog:

4 Steps to folding your Hardy Amies Jacket

Folding a jacket correctly keeps the shape of the canvas on the chest and avoids unsightly creases.

1)  With the suit jacket flat place your hands inside either shoulder of the jacket

2) Move your hand to together (as if to clap) so that both shoulders are perfectly aligned and the jacket is in half

3) Using one hand inside the jacket at the centre to hold the jacket in half, use the other hand to flip one of the shoulders inside out and  around to cover the other shoulder.  One side of the jacket will be inside out and covering the other

4) Now carefully fold the halved jacket in three, fold the shoulders to the centre and then the bottom

Now all you need to do is pack your jacket carefully alongside your other selected travel items.

If you are a visual person then here is the link to their Vimeo video.

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