Style Sleeping

Pretty much the whole of Europe is taking the month of May off due to national holidays and rightly people are making the most of it my travelling abroad. Japan has also just celebrated Golden Week and the Plum Blossom Festival. This weekend, many in the UK are prepping themselves for the second three day holiday of the month. In short, the world’s population is swapping countries, and racking up some air miles.

Generally speaking I hate journeys, they are a necessary evil to get me to my destination. Sitting at boarding gates or strapped in a seat, I feel trapped and in limbo. The two solaces I take from this dead time though is sleep and reading books, both things I do not do enough of otherwise.

Getting enough sleep is great as it means you are fresh and ready to make the most of your destination as soon as you arrive. Having attended boarding school from the age of 11-18 I learnt to study and sleep through any noise and light, or both. Fortunately, I am also small so can curl up into a ball and sleep anywhere. My personal best is on my suitcase on the floor next to the toilet on an overnight train in China. However. I appreciate others need more assistance than this so take a travel pillow with them. There are so many travel pillows on the market, inflatable and bean ones, goose feathers and all sorts yet the most exciting colour I have seen is a pastel pink one. Until now that is. Thank goodness the Beijing urban brand NLGX, an acronym for Nanluoguxiang which is a super trendy street in Beijing where the brand has its flagship store, has designed one with retro Chinese patterns. Just think, there are few times when so many people will see how you dress so style should filter to you travel accessories.

The U-shaped pillow features memory foam, a removable and washable cover, a neck clip for added comfort and a useful travel clip to attach to your bag. All four patterns are available  at NLGX Airport Stores, at the flagship Nanluoguxiang and online at Happy exploring!

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