Holiday Harry

A passion for fashion and travel is something my mum has instilled in me my entire life, a passion I have tried to share with as many people as whose ears I can borrow. Through these experiences I have learnt and met those I hold dearest.

I cannot really remember when I begged my mum to subscribe me to The Wonderful World of Teddy Bears but it was some time during primary school. Every week a new magazine arrived with teddy bear industry news and facts, as well as patterns for crafting teddy clothes and accessories. Really, I was too young for it so the materials remained in their envelopes. Until I went to university that is and found the construction of garments a fascinating science.

Sleepy Sam

Sleepy Sam

School Girl Sally

School Girl Sally

My teddy collection grew too fast to contain. When I finished uni, as much as it pained me and with tears rolling down my cheeks, it was time to let some of my soft buddies have travels of their own and find new loving owners. The thought of just bagging these guys up and abandoning them at a charity shop was not an option so I was delighted that Senahass Trust wanted to take them to Sri Lanka to children profoundly affected my the tsunami in 2004. I knew my friends had arrived safely and well when I received images of so many of them being handed out to school children.

DSCN1000 DSCN1022

My teddies stretch their legs after a long flight to Sri Lanka with Senahasa Trust to find their new homes.

My teddies stretch their legs after a long flight to Sri Lanka with Senahasa Trust to find their new homes.

Due to space, keeping Sleepy Sam and School Girl Sally was not an option, so I wondered who might benefit from them? My cousins children! The oldest of the three, Hana, is now the custodian of these two. The next buddy to be sent on special envoy is Holiday Harry (title image) but I need your help in deciding whether Hana should have another buddy or Joey, my other cousin’s little boy. Please help me decide in the comments below!

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One thought on “Holiday Harry

  1. Cute stuffed toy.


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