VIVA GLAM! Miley Cyrus and MAC Fight AIDS/HIV

Miley Cyrus’ twerking “performance” at the 2013 MTV VMA awards with Robin Thicke has earned her a few notorious years as popular music’s wild child. Let’s be honest, within five years time, this moment will probably be as sexually liberating for women as Madonna wearing Jean-Paul Gaultier’s cone bra in 1990. Think of Cyrus what you will but with 19.5 million Twitter and 18.7 million Instagram followers, she has a gigantic pull. It is great to see her pulling these ‘cyvotees’ to do good, without them necessarily realising.

Teaming with the global mega makeup styling MAC team, Cyrus is the VIVA GLAM! campaign’s 2015 spokesperson to sell a punching hot pink Lipstick and matching Lipglass with sparkling pearl shimmer. The full R.R.P less V.A.T from the sale of this lipstick and lipglass goes towards helping women, men and children everywhere affected by HIV/AIDS.

If being makeup flawless means helping AIDS/HIV sufferers then Style Sans Frontieres says “Viva glam!”

To get the whole VIVA GLAM look here for the full product list.

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