The Answer to Perfect Health

Society appears to be divided into two fitness tribes: the amateur athlete tri-hards and couch lovers. The amateur athletes participate in great challenges such as the Marathon des Sables, as one of my great friends has, triathlons or Tough Mudder. Couch lovers get breathless at the thought of a gym and have no idea of how to pronounce ‘quinoa’- although this is debatable amongst any circle. Both camps have health issues. Amateur athletes can be viewed limping into work sleep deprived, eschewing social engagements for training and obsessing over ‘health food’. In contrast, couch lovers may face diabetes, being overweight and difficulty with daily rigour such as climbing stairs. Whichever tribe you assign to we must reconsider our lifestyles and remember a great adage I was told at school, “everything in moderation, including moderation.”

Next Sunday I will be taking part in the St Neot’s Triathlon in Cambridgeshire. Winter base training went startlingly to plan, so I was gutted last week when I woke to a strain injury in my right leg. By Wednesday, with minimal recovery, I was panicking so booked both a deep tissue massage and an osteopath’s appointment within 18 hours of each other. With thanks to the osteopath, who said not to worry, and not wearing heels at work I am doing much better although still feel some niggles. It is these moments that remind me that, sadly, I am neither Superwomen nor pro-athlete and I must not stretch myself too hard. It is also timely that I saw this advert at theWhole Foods store near work. Whether it is a little more or a little less that we need to do, our bodies should be our nearest and dearest.

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