A Pretty Athletic Skin Care Regime

Training outdoors or in pools as I mostly do is brutal on my skin. My face has been a major war zone since being a mid-teen but now it is a fierce battle to protect it from the harsh weather, pollution and air temperature control systems in buildings. I have tried many moisturisers from near and far brands as well as putting them on at different times of my training and grooming pattern but with no singular resolution. It was therefore with a mixture of doubt and desperation that I turned to Pretty Athletic, the sister beauty range specifically for female sporty types by the women’s sportswear brand Swetty Betty.

Convinced by their natural British sourced ingredients, I clicked the Hydrating Shield Intensive Moisturising Balm and Perfect Balance Calming Facial Moisturiser into my virtual shopping basket. Following my long weekend in Stockholm I was excited to find my pretty parcel not only contained my order but also a complimentary tube of their Cool Down Purifying Facial Cleanser as part of the brand’s birthday promotion.

It makes sense, especially in Winter before rushing through the polluted, dense air, to apply a protective film to my face to retain its natural  moisture but for some reason I had never thought about it previously. Pretty Athletic’s balm is formulated with Shea and Cocoa Butters to create a lightweight hydrating film on the skin. Rich in essential fatty acids, Rosehip oil softens and helps the skin to retain moisture. I was expecting a gloopy Petroleum Jelly-like substance to ooze out of the diddy tube, instead a smooth thick cream slid on to my finger tips and was easily soaked up into my skin without too much massaging. Although the first time I tried this product was not exactly the most intense weather I have trained in, since the first outing I returned with more supple and hydrated skin: it even helped retain moisture during swim sessions.

Here is me following a run. I had never realised I look like this when I run; hair raising stuff!

Before I took up triathlon training and began practising sport specific strength exercises I regularly sort the hard-core YouTube Pilates instruction of Blogilates. This motivating and pretty Cali’ gal has a video demonstrating why it is crucial to cleanse your skin properly post workout to maintain a clear face. The idea behind the cleanser is that the rich gel with Aloe Vera helps cool and soothe the skin, whilst gently removing sweat, excess oil and impurities to reduce post-workout breakouts. This tube is larger than the other two I received and not so easy to transport should you be heading to the gym but I am happy with the results on my skin, although do not rate it any higher than the other high street brands I had been using previously.

After workouts, the skin on my face becomes red and inflamed from the extra blood pumping around my body and I get blemishes. According to Pretty Athletic’s blurb, the “…ultra lightweight facial moisturiser is specially formulated with botanical extracts of Aloe and Menthol to help soothe and calm the skin, and Witch Hazel to tighten pores and control sweat. Rich in essential fatty acids, Rosehip, Meadowfoam and Borage Seed oils nourish and rehydrate. Copper, Zinc and Magnesium help to stimulate cell turnover for stronger and more supple skin.” Worth ago I thought, so I applied the moisturiser following my post-training showers. The small tube is great for popping in your gym bag. The cream isn’t oily and has helped reduce my red blemishes although not stopped them. The Aloe Vera certainly helps cooled my skin.

As a teenager my mum always recommended buying a facial moisturiser with a price that mirrored my age. The idea is the older you get the better care you need to take care of your skin. Going by this adage, Pretty Athletics products are at the right price point for me and I am likely to keep this current skin training regime.

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