Throw Back Tuesday

You can tell my childhood was during the 90s. My wardrobe and accessories have penchant for bright colours, sporty technical fabrics and and slouchy knitted sweaters. During my recovery days from triathlon training I often do a yoga session from one of my Flexible Warrior DVDs by Karen Dubs. They are not cheap, especially as I had to get mine imported, but I start the next training day refreshed and stronger. Not only can I save time going to the gym by taking the class at home but I also have no need to pull on a cute gym bunnie outfit, in fact I relish the coach potato ensemble of low crotch and old baggy t-shirt and hair scrunchie. One of my favourite srunchies is this gold one my brother and dad bought for me in Austria to go with a gold ski jacket they bought me. Long gone is the jacket, but in my post-uni room clean-out I could not bare to part with this Throw back Thursday worthy hair accessory.

2015-04-21 16.25.12 2015-04-21 16.26.10

Today was such a yoga recovery day and I indeed twisted my bun with this golden wonder. Getting dressed after the class, I threw any regular sense of style into the Spring sun an kept it on. Team with rolled up jeans, supermarket bought Indian slippers, a ribbed tank top and tortoise shell owl glasses I was the ultimate 90s child.

Forever 21 earrings

Forever 21 earrings

SuperU Indian slippers

SuperU (a French supermarket) Indian slippers

The whole 90s inspired outfit

The whole 90s inspired outfit

My owl glasses (worn at work).

My owl glasses (worn at work).

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