Coming to Terms with my Shoe Problem

Facebook’s purpose appears to no serve purely to boast to those you know that you love your life, and even suggest yours is better, healthier or more accomplished than theirs. Hence the number of selfies, food snaps, Map My Run updates and holiday albums posted, often more than on a daily basis. At least when it came to my Antarctica trip, a number of my friends were urging me to hurry up with posting my photos as soon as I returned.

It was after posting a snap of me with a new pair of shoes I bought in Buenos Aires that I realised I am a female stereotype. I have never really thought of myself as a handbag or shoe girl, but when it comes to the latter I can no longer kid even myself. After a scarring once around the La Boca neighbourhood, Mum and I grabbed the first taxi we could to San Telmo which is famous for its Sunday antiques market. Sadly, due to our flight schedule, we failed to make it to any of BA’s well-known weekend markets but San Telmo nonetheless groups a number of impressive antique shops during the week. Plaza Dorrego was where our taxi dropped us and was an ideal spot to begin our amble.

Following just a couple of steps along one side of the square Mum and I drooled down the window of a vintage watch shop. We noted a lack of prices next to the items on display and decided the saying “If you have to ask how much it is, you can’t afford it” was most likely an apt description of our situation. Another brief saunter along and we found ourselves in a passageway of tiny fashion boutiques and I was drawn in to one literally stacked to the ceiling with bright platform shoes. At first glance I assumed this was a second hand shoe store but on closer inspection it turned out the designer was just inspired by all things retro, particularly disco apparently. With such a shoe riot chanting in front of me my head could not make sense of which pair to try on. Through the neon, patent and studded slogans my focus eventually became fixed on a pair of black ankle platforms with what appeared to be decorated with the Union Flag. In light of recent UK-Argentine military history, such a decorated pair of shoes was more than incongruous. However, look closely and you see the colours are mixed up so the flag is not in fact the Union Flag-a good call should I have attempted to where them in Argentina. My mum is an incredibly orthodox dresser but it was her who compelled me to get them. There was not a common word between mum, me and the middle-aged man overseeing the tiny shop but his warm manner suggested he enjoyed watching us ladies oooo and aaahh at the products.

Just on a little tangent, high soled shoes is a noticeable international trend for ladies at the moment but the Argentine ladies are taking it literally to a whole other level. Whether sandals, heels, boots or Oxfords there seems to be no sole too high.

The other boutiques in San Telmo were coves of rococo glamour or charming 20th century curves, certainly enough to furnish a home with. Having goggled at these collections Mum and I settled ourselves with an evening victory beverage at the olde worlde Dorrego Café. There was a laid back Parisian bar air to the place-without the snooty and bad service fortunately-with a touch of Hollywood film glamour. Our final night in South America and our Antarctic adventure was ending with charming lemon infused Gin & Tonic note.


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2 thoughts on “Coming to Terms with my Shoe Problem

  1. Looks like a fun place. Always love the heels. 😉

  2. Let’s clear something up. Those shoes are NOT a problem. They’re fantastic!


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