Eyeing Myself Up

Spectacles came into my life when I was nine years old. Admittedly, it was novel wearing them at first and the case which flipped open at one end with the push of a button certainly helped but this all wore off pretty soon. At secondary school I took the position as goalie in the lacrosse team, it was a struggle wiggling my glasses through the helmet grid so I began wearing contact lenses for matches. Half-way through secondary school, my failing sight forced me to wear contacts all day. Since then, I have worn lenses practically all day, everyday. During my gap year, boxes of daily disposable lenses took up valuable space in my suitcase and whilst living in China I bore the discomfort of cheap Chinese models. Wearing lenses this relentlessly has taken a toll on my eyes. At every optician appointment I have been told I have inflamed blood vessels in my eyes and that they are incredibly dry, meaning they were feeling tired and itchy. My loathing of wearing glasses was previously hidden behind the excuse that they were not practical on account of all the sport I do. The reality is I was self-conscious of being branded a glasses wearer. With the rise of geek chic, my prejudice has slowly been weakening and after about four years of contemplation I finally invested in a new pair.

Most of my research into what I wanted came in the form of observing those around me. The second pair of glasses I owned were a rectangular pair of brown, thick rimmed Gucci‘s. Sadly I lost these on the lax pitch and I missed them dearly, putting up with a frameless pair ever after. With this in mind, I knew I wanted a thick pair. Taking in the styles of those around me, I appeared to prefer larger frames, rather than small round mole or teacher-like ones. I popped into a few shops, and after some deep contemplation I went for a pair of large lensed, thick framed men’s ones from Diesel. There were a number of similar rimmed women’s ones but they were either cat-eyed or so small I looked too stern, the men’s ones made me look more trendy-I like to think.

Before shocking everyone with my new revelation, I chose to wear my new eyewear on my days off and on holiday. Much to my surprise, the conservative in my family love them, I thought they would find them to trendy. Just the other week I have begun to wear my Diesel’s at work and it is amazing how little people concentrate on Sunday’s. The other Sunday I wore my new glasses for the first time to work and I got barely a handful of comments. Initially I thought the glasses went unremarked on because in the fashion world frames seem to come and go fairly regularly on people but it appears that they were not registered. Today I got overwhelming support for my choice from both sexes, all ages and nationalities. Phew!

Now I try to wear my glasses once or twice a week and my eyes have never looked whiter or glossier.

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