Powerdressing is Simple, Not Boring

On holiday I am always in two minds about whether I should look at my e-mails or not. If I look at them once a day then I can manage them more easily and have no nasty surprises on my return, then again, by looking at them I am not entirely switching off or getting distance between the usual treadmill. If I stay away from my inbox I can live in the moment and be absorbed by what is around me, but have literally to spend days sifting through hundreds of messages when I get back.

Yesterday was just one of these sifting days which included something from ME+EM. I love this brand for its supremely comfortable, easy to wear staples for work and play. For my last birthday I requested a white cotton top with a front which looks like a blue shirt is popping out, great for a more casual day at work or weekend meet-up.

With my uni buddies celebrating my 25th birthday in the new top from ME+EM.

With my uni buddies celebrating my 25th birthday in the new top from ME+EM.

Whilst flicking through the digital March catalogue, I found this wonderful quote from the Evening Standard, which sums up the effortless sophistication ME+EM products imbue, and tells us how to dress for an impact:

“It is comfort that defines this movement…The lowlux woman bespeaks a quiet sense of unfaltering confidence. This is true power dressing.”

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