Pharrell Williams the Merman

No, I don’t mean the music whizz is taking a role in the latests Disney film. I am referring to Pharrell Williams’ collaboration with urban denim brand G-Star Raw  called ‘RAW for the Oceans’ which uses waste plastic found in our oceans to make yarn for a denim collections. Here’s a little article about the team behind the collaboration.

As a scuba diver, I have seen the devastation plastic causes in our oceans, from damaging coral to trapping animals and I have literally hauled bags of it out from Thailand’s dive haven Koh Tao as part of an organised clean up. Applause to Williams for putting his personal brand behind a good cause. Just one thing, design something more interesting. For a start everything is only navy or white and similar products can be found in other high street stores at fraction of the price G-Star Raw is asking for. The only pieces which stand out are those plastered with the line’s logo. Like hairy shirts before them, these items will die for lack of style no matter the poignancy behind them. Another thing, the golden age of slogan t-shirts ended in the late 90s.

What would be even better would be if brands like G-Star raw went beyond producing single collections which are sustainable and made all their ranges made from such recycled fibres. Take a look here and see what you think. If you fancy some fun, the campaign website is like a 80s computer game as you browse blog posts.

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