Desert: the ultimate Valentine smell

The desert, full of nothing. Actually, it is full of something.

Within the Mojave Desert expanse lives the Mohavea Confertiflora, or Mojave Ghost flower. Defying the sun baked terrain, it flowers majestically and releases nectar. This plucky flora motivated the Byredo eau de parfum ‘Mojave Ghost’.  This might be the perfect Valentine’s scent as this flower mimics neighbouring species by developing  markings resembling a female bee’s genus. The male bee is thus attracted to it. This is the story of a survivor and bewitcher: is that what you will be this Valentine’s Day?

The technical bit:

Top notes: Ambrette, Jamaican Nesberry

Heart: Violet, Sandalwood, Magnolia

Base: Chantilly Musk, Crisp Amber, Cedar Wood


Mohavea confertiflora

Byredo's 'Mojave Ghost' eau de parfum

Byredo’s ‘Mojave Ghost’ eau de parfum

The good old  American diner has a super soft spot in my vacation heart. If you tell anyone you are heading to NYC, they will inevitably suggest you chow down in “the best diner” which they found. Mine is Gene’s Coffee Shop on 26 E 60th St where the waiters shout orders to the chefs at the open kitchen, to no acknowledgement yet all orders arrive together and scrumptious. The team at Joe Browns team have found their fave diner, Peggy Sue’s, in the Mojave Desert on their way to Cali’. The waitresses at this joint went on to inspire a kitschy floral print dress with pretty pleats and pearl buttons. All you need is a couple of root beer floats and you’ll find yourself on the set of Grease.

Peggy Sue dres (Joe Browns £44.95)

Peggy Sue dres (Joe Browns £44.95)

The original Peggy Sue's

The original Peggy Sue’s

peggy sues2All images from company’s website except title image (wikimedia) and flora images ( and

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