Count Down to Success

It is crucial to have dreams, for if you have none then how can you have any come true? I also take great pride in keeping my word.

So what is my dream? To be CEO of a pioneering fashion brand which values integrity. Connected with this, I promised my mum that I would not buy a Bremont watch until I am promoted to the head office of such a brand. Something to drive me to my goal faster.

The time piece I truly lust after is Bremont’s ‘Codebreaker’ (the rose gold and stainless steel models are in the title image above), a time measuring piece with components from the original machine which broke the Enigma code machine during World War Two. At £12,000 I do not think I can ever expect to own this inspiring feat of craftsmanship. The piece I am realistically aiming to wear is the ALT1-C/GN. From the smooth moving second counter, to the seductive curves of the case and the envious green colour, this watch is timeless in style (excuse the pun). This time piece may be designed for men, but I have never liked being told what is possible.

Bremont's ALT1-C/GN

Bremont’s ALT1-C/GN

Bremont's ALT1-C/GN

Bremont’s ALT1-C/GN

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