Peg It

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? What are they? So often we make promises to ourselves to improve our health and lifestyle. I doubt though many of you have resolved to look after your legs. Since I started my job over a year ago on the shop floor, this has been a topic of concern for my nurse buddy and me. During the first couple of months of my current job, I found myself waking at all times at night with my feet itchy and throbbing painfully with heat which could only be (temporarily) relieved by running cold water over them in the bath. Gradually, the veins in my legs began to rise to the surface of my skin. I thought this only visible to me but apparently not, as my brother’s shocked tone of voiced told me as he looked at my legs post Spring run one day. My osteopath informed me that I had developed varicose veins on account of the amount of standing I do.

Sadly, there is now cure for varicose veins except surgery. My spidery veins are not operation worthy but I began to look in to prevention methods to halt the venous webs from spreading. The most drastic solution I have found is to start my morning shower with cold water for 30-60 seconds, bearable after an intense Summer run but brutal during dark Winter mornings. From day one of this routine, my varicose webs appeared, visually at least, practically gone.

Remedy number two is to sit with my feet raised. In the staff kitchen I look such a slob with my feet rested on the chair opposite me as I eat my lunch at the table. Come dinner time, my feet are up again, making an excellent dinner table to eat off. The idea is that your blood can run easier back up your legs with your feet raised rather than pooling in your legs forming the throbbing hosepipe-esque veins.

The third prevention has been to wear compression or firm tights. Many ladies have learnt that cheap tights break quickly and that it is more cost effective to buy more expensive ones, firm support tights fall into the latter category. Previously, I tried support hosiery from Marks and Spencer‘s Essential Light Support range. I felt the difference as soon as I slid them up my leg. Santa is clearly concerned about my pegs too for in my stocking from Christmas just gone I found a pair of John Lewis40 Denier Firm Support Tights. Christmas shopping is over but the sales rage on and my legs are beginning to argue with me so today I agreed to slip on Santa’s gift. Well, put a red nose on me and call me Rudolph, because with these on I felt as though I had grown new legs. They were not only so silky against my skin that I actually felt sexy for the first time in my uniform but so supportive it felt like I was walking on Oscar Pistorius’ prosthetic legs.

 John Lewis 40 Denier Firm Support Tights (£6-£6.25)

John Lewis 40 Denier Firm Support Tights (£6-£6.25)

Marks and Spencer 10 Denier Light Support Matt Tights 2 Pair Pack (£4)

Marks and Spencer 10 Denier Light Support Matt Tights 2 Pair Pack (£4)

We rely on our legs every single day, so think about their welfare in 2015.

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