Santa, You’re Stitched!

Now finally, it is my turn for Christmas. The Chinese shoppers on Regent Street did their very best not to let my colleagues and I go home to our loved ones but we showed them the door in the end. For 36 hours, I will (try to) ignore the fact that Boxing Day follows Christmas Day, that the devote luxury shoppers will descend to their temple on December 26th, and be with those that I can.

This year, it appears festive slippers are my family’s fashion trend. I have had these Rudolph slippers for nearly fifteen years. My godfather gave them to me as a Christmas present; shows you how big they must have been then and how little I have grown since! I could have simply thrown them away but thought the better of it and decided to mend them with patches from a man’s shirt we had lying around ready for the charity shop in the family home. I also had to reattach Santa’s gloves to the slipper-socks I received from my Secret Santa last year. Children the world over will be relieved that Santa and Rudolph are ready to deliver their gifts.

2014-12-22 18.48.58 2014-12-22 19.01.41 2014-12-22 20.04.02

Clearly I am young at heart, I suppose many of us are at this time of year. My uncle sent this cute photo of his grandchildren, notice the seasonal seal slippers the youngest grandchild is posing in. They can be a toy and feet warmers. Now, I wonder if she will notice if I sneak them away when I see her tomorrow…


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