Rebel With a Cause

Marlon Brandon starred in the classic 1953 American film The Wild One as a biker gang leader. Not only has the film been critically acclaimed since its release but it has been the progeny of a number of timeless rugged trends.

Brando’s portrayal of the gang leader Johnny sport long sideburns, a Perfecto-style motorcycle jacket and a tilted cap. His haircut and facial hair sparked a trend followed by James Dean and Elvis Presley, to name just two. I am blaming Brando for some of the paltry lines on the sides of men’s faces during the just past Movember.

Motorcycle jackets have long been a symbol of recklessness, youth anti-establishment sentiment and this is in large part due to The Wild One. It must be Johnny the ‘T-Birds’ are emulating in the other cult teen movie Grease.

Totally Unique Leather Biker Jacket (£179 at Joe Browns).

Totally Unique Leather Biker Jacket (£179 at Joe Browns).

Rebelling without a cause to me always seemed self-indulgent to me so why not stand out for all the right reasons. Joe Browns has a truly unique biker jacket for ladies by the fact that the recycled fabric panels on each garment vary. So reduce your self-centred ego and fabric in landfill, do this by reusing Brando’s image and recycle this beautiful fabric.

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