Raise the Handlebar of Your Commute Gentlemen

“I can’t be bothered to take extra clothes with me”, “I wouldn’t want to subject people to seeing me in lycra”. These are some of the legitimate reasons why men choose not to commute to work or around town on bikes. However, with rising public transport costs, congestion and the access to ‘Boris bikes’ (pay as you go bikes) Londoners are being convinced to consider other modes of mobility. Even David Cameron is a dabbler in cycling British PM David Cameron above (image from munfitnessblog.com). When he first arrived in Downing Street the public applauded his economical and healthy example, until it was discovered his files and suit followed shortly behind in a car. No one wants to be termed a ‘MAMIL’ (middle-aged man in Lycra) or look like and a number of clothing brands are waking up to this growing need of functional but more-than-presentable collections.

Over the last few months, Ted Baker has entered its hat into the sport fashion ring. Much of the current Raising the Handlebar collection has been developed with the commuter in mind so is practical but a somewhat dull series of shirts, t-shirts and shorts. Wizard Jersey Blazer though is a gem.

The Wizard Jersey Blazer is a stylish alternative to a lightweight jacket so you can looks just as smart on the bike as off making cycling a great option for dashing to a meeting without forking dosh out for a cab. Pop your collar and a reflective trim is revealed for enhanced visibility in low lighting conditions; whether you show this is the bar or club is up to your judgement on the company present. The antibacterial finish of the cotton, coupled with underarm eyelets, help you regulate temperature and stay fresh for your grand entrance on the bike and keep you that way. An arrangement of pockets, including one with a zip, gives you plenty of options for storage options. The biker details even go down to the buttons which have wheel spokes embossed on them.

Ted-Baker-Wizard-Jersey-Jacket-Casual-Jackets-Grey-Wizard-0 Ted-Baker-Wizard-Jersey-Jacket-Casual-Jackets-Grey-Wizard-1

I am not really partial to pocket squares but I love how the chest pocket lining can be pulled up out to mimic a hanky, handy for those smarter occasions.

Dandy or laid back? The pocket square is your option.

Dandy or laid back? The pocket square is your option.

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