Swimming Snow Leopard

Swim squad night, and I got to try out my new swim suit. My previous one piece was disintegrating to an embarrassing level due to intense exposure to chlorine so it was time for a new one. I swim at least twice a weak so I am not willing to spend too much money on something which is going to get a hard beating. I also do not want something which is so cheap it falls apart after only a couple of uses. Browsing the multitude of choice on Wiggle.co.uk I came across this striking snow leopard with green eyes from Maru. I have no idea what connection snow leopards have to water or swimming but this off-the-wall idea and the fact the main colour was black yet with a flash of green caught my taste. There was a fighter’s sexy edge to the design.

My Wiggle parcel arrived in time for me to plunge the new suit in at swim squad tonight, not before my mum insisted on seeing it. She is far from a keen swimmer but was moved to comment, “I like his eyes” as if he were a potential boyfriend.

The first thing my swim coach said was “Nice suit Tamara.” I explained that it was its first outing to which Coach replied that she had it too.

On the Wiggle website the size guide suggests an XS is suitable for UK size 6-8. As a petite woman of 5″2 I usually wear size 6 clothes, 8 max yet find this costume on the tight side. Admittedly I thought this of my last purchase but that soon relaxed in shape so maybe the same will happen to the leopard. Other than the size issue, which is mine/Wiggle’s/Maru’s I am pleased with my buy. We were trying out tumble turns at CSS pace in squad tonight yet no signs of indecent exposure on my part. Time will tell how it holds up to the chlorine.

The back of my new Maru swimming costume.

The back of my new Maru swimming costume.

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