It’s All About Graces

I am in a situation where for two weeks I am expected to wait in one room to be called to duty. Normally, this kind of uncertainty and time wasting would infuriate me but I am relishing the change in manic routine, free evenings to socialise and the chance to attack the pile of books which I keep constantly adding to.

Deciding on my first pick was incredibly difficult but I decided I required something stimulating yet easy which I could read for long periods. Having paced my eyes across my many book shelves I settled them on Grace: A Memoir by by Grace Coddington, the creative director of American Vogue . I am so glad I did. This unpretentious book is divided into thematic chapters on what has influenced and remains dear to the shy fashion master. Text is punctuated and personalised with Coddington’s hand illustrations of the people and animals who have touched her life. Although I asked for this book as a Christmas present I am surprised at how I was so intrigued by what the writer had to say. On the occasions I was told to return home early by my captors I was a little put out by the fact I no longer had an excuse to stay reading.

In particular, I loved hearing about Coddington’s battle with untameable hair and her anti-bling persuasion, so contrary to most of the fashion world. Seeing as I hold the middle name Grace, which incidentally it is for Coddington too, I wonder if it is something ironic imbued in all Graces.

Finishing a good book is like parting from a good friend after a long catch up, you are sad the encounter is over but looking forward to the next meeting.

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