Brownlee Tri North Goodie Bag

Some how a month has past since I completed my first sprint triathlon. I could not have anticipated the pleasure I had racing. Yes I know, some of you with think me crazy but others of you will understand. That said, when the finishing line was before me I was mighty pleased. The end was even sweeter because of the goodie bag I received. Check out what I got!

I am not really a tea drinker, but when in Yorkshire how can you leave without some Yorkshire Tea. Someone at home will drink it. I also got some hand and glove sanitiser, really got to use that stuff…Just started using the Adidas shower gel which has hardly wowed me but free soap is free after all. Then there’s the Adidas tote, totes are always useful. My Macmillan Cancer badge was donated to my dad because he lost his Guinness pin we got in Dublin so thought, being a spectator, he needed a reminder of another special experience.

The best part of the goodie bag though was receiving my medal and t-shirt. I sleep, train and eat in the shirt, sometimes washing it between activities…My medal is on display with my other sporting achievements, including my U16 and U15 National Schools Lacrosse Championship medals.





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