All Stitched Up

Lazy Sunday afternoons are such a treat. As a teenager they were tainted by the journey back to boarding school and as an adult working in fashion retail I am most often in the shop. Yesterday however, was an exception.

Having enjoyed a deep tissue massage, much needed after training for the Brownlee Tri North I went to see the ceramic poppies being put out at the Tower of London in honour of ex-service personnel with my mum. Due to the unseasonal warm weather we munch on our lunch outside and walked the perimeter of the poppies. See how my mum’s floral jacket matches the setting, although she did not need the extra layer. She bought this in Beijing and is based on the traditional padded Chinese winter jacket.

I had arranged dinner for my colleagues after they finished work so I had some time to kill. There was nothing I needed to do so I consciously chose to enjoy my book in a cafe. Whilst I sipped on creamy coffee at the Speakeasy espresso and brew bar just off Regent Street a lady sat down with her companion with a coffee and slice of carrot cake, nothing unusual. That is until she whipped out a coat from a shopping bag and proceeded to re-hem the coat in between sips and bites: real Style Sans Frontieres.


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