Bags Woven with History

At the end of my year of studying in China for my undergraduate degree I had an amazing time interning for a company in Beijing. My weekends were spent exploring this historical and rapidly changing city as much as I could. The old giving birth to the new was no more encapsulated than by Nanluoguxiang, a traditional alley typical of Beijing which has been revived in the form of a row of boutiques. A number of the shops and designers caught my eye but one of my favourites was NLGX, a Beijing born brand.

NLGX was founded by Ed and Michel, two entrepreneurs who lived in Beijing during the tumultuous years leading up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Witnessing first-hand the changes of China’s ancient capital city, the two friends and co-founders decided to capture the new spirit of the city and their experiences as overseas Chinese living in Beijing by creating a lifestyle brand using recycled materials. Via designs and through partnerships with local artists, NLGX believes it represents the lifestyle and spirit of the “new” Beijing, their slogan being “Preserve…Create” which highlights their goal of “Preserving the Past while Creating New”. NLGX creates original designs inspired by graphics, materials, and colours of traditional Beijing.

Recently released, are two styles of weekend bags and full-length zip wallets in a variety of colours made of recycled newspapers. My pick is the ‘Woven Leather NP Leather Weekender Mark 2’, a sturdy carrier made of newspaper strips coated in a waterproof laminate. Features include a laptop inside pocket, inner sipper pocket, mobile phone pouch and real leather straps and due to the nature of the newspapers each piece is unique.

Come weekend of business trip, with this bag you will represent new life from the old. 

Browse the NLGX collection here.


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