New Beginnings: a true gift of love from Peru

Last September I had an amazing journey around Peru with my mum where the rich landscape and dense culture filters vibrantly into the textiles. Along my journey I was delighted to see that a number or NGOs and organisations are working hard to ensure these unique methods of production and designs are protected for us to enjoy indefinitely. I had the immense pleasure of meeting Project Coordinator Dana Blair from Threads of Peru whilst in Cusco. Even though I have left Peru, the passion imbued by Threads of Peru remains with me. I was therefore delighted to receive an e-mail today from the group containing their first monthly newsletter detailing information about progress within Threads of Peru and the context in which it is working.

It turns out that over the past week Peruvians all over the country have been celebrating Fiestas Patrias , commemorating July 28th 1821 when Peru gained independence. To celebrate this momentous date Peruvians spend the week rejoicing not only in their independence but also what it means to be Peruvian, consuming much Pisco, Ceviche, and Chicha Morada tobe in the process. For the occasion, homes in Cusco’s centre are freshly whitewashed and proudly dislay the red and white Peruvian flag, red representing the blood that was spilled for the fight for independence, and white for peace and bravery.  The Peruvian coat of arms includes the vicuña (a relative of the llama and alpaca), demonstrating the importance these camelids are to Peruvian culture and industry.


The vicuna, whose wool is worth its weight in gold-no exaggeration.

The vicuna, whose wool is worth its weight in gold-no exaggeration.

At the bottom of their newsletter Threads of Peru spotlighted some items available to buy to celebrate Fiestas Patrias. Summer being wedding season, my eye was drawn to the Munay Wedding Pasadizo. These table runners have been specially woven with traditional iconography symbolizing love and union, a poignant gift for the home of a new couple and the weavers who craft this piece. Alternatively, those getting married could choose to drape the runners over dining tables for the wedding breakfast for a unique decor. If a table runner seems too hotel-esque for the newly weds, then take a style tip from Threads of Peru who drape it on a deck chair to give garden furniture an extra pizazz.


Munay Wedding Pasadizo available on the Threads of Peru website.

Munay Wedding Pasadizo available on the Threads of Peru website.


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