Tri-ing to Win: the Kit to get me there

My first sprint triathlon is just over a month away and since I only began training at the end of February there has been a lot of gear to buy. It is quite easy to break the bank doing this sport but beginners must remember that no matter your future ambitions you are still an entry level competitor so don’t go head over handle-bars about buying equipment.

When competing in triathlons in less balmy climes, regulations require full wetsuits. The other month I bought the Orca Women’s TRN Thermo Full Sleeve Wetsuit 2014. Having trained in it once a week for the last couple of months I have to say I’m pretty pleased: I have full range of movement and have not experienced any chaffing from the seams or Velcro. My only gripe, even though I train in an outdoor pool, I have been overheating a little-no doubt I won’t have a problem when competing in lakes and oceans! Of course, only competition testing will truly tell the fit of this suit.

This month I decided to purchase my competition suit, the 2XU Women’s G:2 Compresion Trisuit 2014. I like that the simple black colour so it will much my current and any other bike I choose to train/race in. For endurance sports it is really important to aid blood circulation which is why I chose to pay a little extra for a compression suit. I now wait excitedly for my Wiggle box to arrive.


2XU Women's G2 Compression Trisuit 2014 (£84 on

2XU Women’s G2 Compression Trisuit 2014 (£84 on


Recent Summer weather has meant I have, shall we say ‘glowed’ rather more, and hence my training kit has needed to be washed a lot more regularly so I am now hunting for supplementary everyday training kit. Just the other day Sweaty Betty dropped me an e-mail featuring some exciting cycling kit the AW, I have to say, the Acceleration Cycle Top and Glide Swimsuit got my heart racing a little. I hate how so much women’s gear, whatever sport you are shopping for, features pink. I am not anti-pink per say but I do like choice, these two pieces hit my sleek spot with their black but the patterns stop them from being boring. The other benefit of the swim suit is that it features a high neckline, reducing the annoyance of waves or too much water bringing your suit sown. 


Acceleration Cycle Top (£75 Sweaty Betty)

Acceleration Cycle Top (£75 Sweaty Betty)



Glide Swimsuit (£70 Sweaty Betty)

Glide Swimsuit (£70 Sweaty Betty)


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