Spirit Shaking

There is something magical about the Swedish; maybe it is their Aryan beauty or perhaps their down-to-earth spirit. Both this beauty and spirit I find captured in the jewellery and design brand Free Spirit Shaking Soul. Anna Karlin and Nicole Modigh began the brand in late October 2012 in Åre, Sweden. When describing their work the designers explain  they have “Unique handmade jewellery for dreamers and with sustainable values and personal style.”


Everything is handmade and you can clearly see the inspiration from nature, especially through the use of materials such as wood, bone, stones and moulted feathers; use of recycled materials gives each piece an extra unique touch. With earth friendly products they want to raise awareness and implant the idea of a sustainable planet embodies and inspires each piece.


Notions of American Indians and hippies are conjured in my soul when I look at the website. It is interesting that the designers say “We are two northern souls who are free spirits, treasure hunters and friends of mother earth, with big interests in snowboarding, folk- and rock’n’roll music and outdoor living” as I can imagine members of the ethereal voiced Swedish band First Aid Kit accessorising themselves with these pieces.



The Guardian newspaper chose Free Spirit Shaking Soul as one of their top ten sustainable fashion Instagram accounts to follow. Browsing through you will find inspiring quotes to get you back to nature and filtered photos which draw you in to dreamy reflections.


If you have specific requests, or a particular style, you are encouraged to contact the designers at order@freespiritshakingsoul.com 


Sadly there are no shops outside of Sweden which stock Free Spirit Shaking Soul, but this is just another reason to visit Sweden.
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