Life is a Costume Drama

During her illustrious acting career, Helena Bonham Carter has had the privilege and fun to dress up in some of the most acutely planned and romantic costumes. From her period role as Helen Schlegel in Merchant Ivory’s ‘Howards End’, to the petrifying Bellatrix Lestrange in the ‘Harry Potter’ films and colourful Red Queen in Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’, viewers have seen Bonham Carter transform from one character to another via both her talented acting and costumes. She admits that she does not give costume designers an easy job, “I’m very stubborn. But it’s my body, I’ve got to feel comfortable. Like this new film ‘TS Spivet’, I thought of her in lots of tea dresses, but they wanted beiges. So I put my foot down.” Then again, if you create a character via the words you speak then why shouldn’t an actor form the way their character dresses.

Bonham Carter is well known for taking her theatrical job to her personal wardrobe, “I think of my wardrobe as a dressing-up box.” I think this is such a wonderful attitude to clothes. We all have multiple facets to our personalities and moods that it would be quite a stylist who is able to coordinate an outfit which encompasses all these complexities. Therefore, have fun and dress to your mood, for yourself.

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