Festival Fitted-Out

Festivals, traditionally held in the Summer when the weather is more inviting but now they appear to be all year round. With global warming making seasons almost non-existent in some parts of the world and cheaper travel one could hop from one festival to another non-stop. Yet, there is only one element which links these events together, and that is their live acts. Some combine music with book readings, talks and even food markets. What I enjoy, almost as much as the acts themselves, is using social media to check out what the sartorial trends are. Trends which are governed by climate and cultural genre: distinct tribes are visible. Today I am picking three festivals which I would personally love to attend and the sort of garb I’d don if I managed to get myself there.

Glastonbury, Britain’s original, and some argue best, music festival. I have always wanted to attend but school/uni/work has prevented me. Once again, this weekend, I will enviously be listening and watching via radio and TV to some of the world’s best musical acts. My older cousin worked at Glasto’ a number of times when he was a student. I remember him always coming back with a wannabe Mumford and Sons-style beard, although this was about fifteen years before the band became famous, and very wet. It is almost inevitable that over the Glasto’ weekend it will rain, if by some miracle it does not somehow you will still get muddy. For this reason my main goal would be how to blend fashion without getting flu-inducing damp in my clothes. Guys, check out the pug poncho from Pressie Box, funny and cheap, and I am pretty sure it will be a convo starter with the ladies. Wellies are essential, for ladies I would choose the Fun and Funky Floral Boot from Joe Brown which is also on sale right now, win! There are an increasing number of Glasto’s early attendees still going and they are upping the glam anti. To keep up with the rich rock set (who are  probably now accountants) with their wives then grab some rocks from Delila Dust, you could spin some tale about finding them whilst on a hike on the Inca Trail-just don’t admit what a bargain they are.

carnival printed tunic pug poncho

floral boot

Oh Coachella, I will never forget the hilarious YouTube video from the Jimmy Kimmel Show where the reporter talks to attendees about fake bands such as The Obesity Epidemic and the attendees fain true enthusiasm that only Americans can about these bands: it’s much better than I can explain, search it. I digress…Taking the hippie spirit of Woodstock to heart more than many festivals, Coachella really is the time to embrace your inner boho, or run like a coyote. Ladies, think flowers in your hair, maxi skirts and sandals.The benefits of the venue being the Colorado Desert is that sunshine is guaranteed; so Brits, please wear sun cream and not embody our international stereotype of being lobsters. Again, Joe Brown, has some fab affordable pieces to pack. Take the Carnival Printed Tunic, airy for the heat, colour to hide the beer stains and quick to put on as adding accessories would be pretty OTT. I also love the Embellished Dress from Miss Selfridge. If you prefer keeping pattern and colour to accessories then the Pom Pom T-Bar Sandal, again from Joe Brown, is an option. They are cheap so you can discard when the sand and other people’s feet wear them away. Guys, keep it simple, loose fitting vest tops, denim shorts and aviators are all you need.

miss s dresspompom tbar sandalcarnival printed tunic

Then there is SXSW, a somewhat grittier sartorial festival. Its home being in Austin, Texas means biker and cowboy influences are key to your wardrobe. The Funky Suede X Body bag from Joe Brown could pass as a vintage rodeo find if you scuff it a little, when teamed with their Festival Shorts you can attain that tough but sexy look. For gentlemen, unless you are of rodeo stock, adopt cowboy lace ties or hats at the risk of seeming tough than you are. Instead, think faded t-shirts and trucker caps. My brother bought this cap from Fossil, with the designer fade and rip. He tried to give it to a charity shop but I salvaged it from the bag. 

fesitval shortsfunky suede x body2014-06-26 19.45.492014-06-26 19.46.59

In the absence of festival tickets I suppose I could get dressed as if I was going, get some mates round and play the acts on the TV…

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