Conscious Cloth Meets Conscious Pattern


Pieces fron the 2013 Patternity and Chinti + Parker collection

Pieces fron the 2013 Patternity and Chinti + Parker collection


Pieces fron the 2013 Patternity and Chinti +  Parker collection

Pieces fron the 2013 Patternity and Chinti + Parker collection

CONCEPT22At the beginning of each New Year many people choose to make resolutions to better their health, habits or achieve goals. However, there is something very small we can all do to get more out of our everyday life: see the magnificence in our surroundings. Don’t think there is anything to enjoy about your commute to work? Live in an urban or residential area? Beauty can be found EVERYWHERE. If I am not convincing you then take a look at the website by pattern consultant Patternity.

At the heart of everything Patternity does lie these fundamental thoughts  – can the way we look at the smaller details enhance our understanding of the bigger picture? If we visualise the unseen, can it drive forward innovation? Does being more mindful make us happier and healthier? Can challenging our perception of the everyday positively affect the world around us?

Founded in 2009 by ‘cult pattern pioneers’ photographer/art director Anna Murray and surface/product designer Grace Winteringham, Patternity was born from a drive to use pattern as a tool to inspire, explore and innovate. Their clients have included Apple, Bompas & Parr, The BBC, The Barbican, Celine, Clarks Originals, Diageo, The Foreign and Commonwealth, Getty Images, Granta, Levis, Nike, Selfridges, The School Of Life and The V&A.

I was taught by Murray at a Central St Martin’s Summer course in 2013 and ever since have begun to find beauty in before un-thought of places; anyone else noticed the reassuring repetition of the stone slabs which make up our pavements?

The 2013 collaboration between Patternity and Chinti + Parker is a perfect example of how inspiration can be drawn from architecture and landscape. The patterns on the 28 piece collection in black, navy, mint and cream for Autumn/Winter 2013 was “…inspired by the basic building blocks of the urban city that frame our everyday lives” which so often are unappreciated. The collaboration manifested the philosophy of using pattern to encourage a heightened awareness of the world around us though Chinti + Parker’s timeless shapes and commitment to sustainable style.

Patternity not only promotes a waking of consciousness, it also highlights the importance of sustainable fashion. The website summarizes this philosophy best: “Patternity revolves around ‘visual’ patterns encouraging a more mindful way of ‘seeing’ but crucially this also carries over into less obvious patterns such at patterns of behaviour and ways of ‘behaving’. Sustainability in fashion is crucial as it serves as a catalyst for more considered patterns of behaviour – encouraging ethical choices when it comes to buying and consuming clothing and deviate from the mainstream. It is impossible to speak about ‘consciousness’ without sustainability – how things are made and the impact that has on the world around us. Sustainability is important to us at Patternity as we care about the world and what’s in it – this shapes many of the projects, collaborations and products we undertake as a studio.”

By encouraging ourselves and others to simply notice more, we can change the way people see and engage with the world. Thus, we can “…inspire a healthy curiosity and a further sense of wellbeing – engaging us with our environment and each other as we look at the world through a more mindful lens.”

SSF wishes you all a happy and conscious filled 2014, please tell SSF what previously ignored beauties you rediscover this year!

(All images are from the website)

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