SWANK London Gear

Not long after setting up the SSF campaign on Twitter, SWANK LDN started following the tweets. Caught by the name and being London born and bred SSF took a look at what the brand was about and caught up with Panaroux, SWANK LDN’s founder to learn more.
When and what inspired you to start SWANK? 
I wanted to create a brand that would have the full expression of only my fashion taste and inspiration, as opposed to working in a group with others. I usually work in a team with my other brand, and I just wanted to let myself loose and see what i could achieve alone.
How would you describe the brand?
Minimal, unusual, simple and intricate.
Is SWANK LDN one person or a team?
Just one person.
Do you have a physical store or are you only online?
Only online for the current time being. Store in the future though!
How do you select the designers that you sell and how do you find them?
I select designers through an offer of opportunity. If they feel as if they would fit in well with our nature of style and customers, i let them stock in the store – as long as the quality and effort is there, I’ll consider. I give brands and designers the opportunity i wish someone had given me.
Do you have a favourite brand that you sell?
Soon to be, RHUDE. They’ll be my favorite in store, but they’re not my favourite brand in general. I like Nike for shoes and H&M for essentials.
Who or which brand do you see being big in the future?
Curtien Fashion.
Who is you target market?
The cool kid who doesn’t like being average.
Who would you like to see wearing your pieces?
Influential stylists and musicians who built this fashion scene we’re in; Kanye, Tinie Tempah, Virgil etc.  
Are you working on any projects/collaborations/shows at the moment?
Many, I’m working with some great talent right now. I’m almost jealous, but I’m endorsing. I’m providing them with my online audience.
Who do you think is an inspiring dresser/brand right now? 
Riccardo Tisci.
The collection coming soon is ‘Black is Art’. Panaroux explained “The color black is concrete to my taste, and thus, to the brand; black is art. In this movement, the colour black: in outfits, pieces and accessories is idolized like an art. Something you just look at and appreciate.”
Check out SWANK LDN’s online store here ImageImageImage
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  1. Check out the SWANK LDN online store at http://www.swvnk.com


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